Play Exciting 3D Slot Machine For Free Online

Play an Exciting Lineup of 3D Slot Machine Games for Free

Play the latest high tech version of gambling machines with our free online 3D slot machine games. The gameplay is the same as a regular machine, but the graphics are all in stunning 3D just like today’s animated movies! Like all of our online games, our free 3D slot machines are no download and no registration required to play. We have a great variety of themes in our 3D games like food, Las Vegas, rock and roll, film noir, fairy tales, and many, many more. Several of the games also contain funny and supportive animated companions to act as your own personal cheerleader while you spin those reels. So open up your browser and see the difference that 3D can make!


Try 3D Slot Machine For Fun and Excitement

Our 3D slot machine games really enhance the gaming experience with their stellar graphics and 3D videos. It’s like watching a CGI animated movie and playing a caisno game at the same time! An animated short at the beginning of the game gets you into the theme or story. Animated sequences throughout the game reward your scores and keep the pace moving along quickly. Each different symbol on the reels has a corresponding animation for a match, so keep playing to see them all. Many of our 3D machines even include bonus rounds or mini-games with additional 3D animation, so you have even more opportunities to win big.

3D Characters Give the Games Personality Plus

One of the most enjoyable features of our assortment of 3D games is the animated character companions who cheer and guide you through the game. The companion will match the game’s theme, so you may meet a conquistador, a 49-er miner, a heroic Viking warrior, or many others. As you play, the characters nod, tip their hats, and even speak to you, and when you score they’ll celebrate along with you with applause, congratulations, and maybe even some dance moves! In the adventure-themed “Lost” game, a familiar-looking fedora-wearing guy named “Dacota Bones” is your tour guide, clapping when you make a match and protecting you from the mummy’s wrath. In “Mr. Vegas,” a 3D simulation of a Vegas casino, lovely ladies will toast you and perform a kick line when you get the right reel matches. There’s even a bonus roulette mini-game, all in 3D. In “Mamma Mia,” an Italian chef prepares food on the sidelines as you play. Do well enough and he may even burst into an opera aria! But make sure you get a high score to protect him from the notorious food critic who has decided to eat in his restaurant. As if playing casino machines weren’t fun enough, these lovable characters add a special element that makes the games extra engaging and enjoyable to play.