Thrilling Adventure Slot Machine Online Collection

Play Adventure Slot Machine Games for Free

Journey from the lush jungle to the frigid arctic to the bottom of the sea with our exciting collection of free adventure slot machines online! The games’ heroes and heroines have a lot in common with a certain fedora-wearing gentleman and pistol-toting lady, so if you’re a fan of the genre there’s lots to love here. Explore thrilling ancient temples and beautiful natural locations as you search for hidden treasure like gold, diamonds, emeralds, idols, masks, and talismans. The reels are filled with adventure-themed slot symbols such as globes and treasure maps, sextants, pistols, whips, machetes, and some of the deadly animals you’ll meet like cobras and giant spiders! Jeeps, biplanes, and hot air balloons are just some of the vehicles ready to transport you to exotic locales full of mystery and danger. There are also adventure themes from throughout time, so you can set sail with the Vikings, try to find your way home with Odysseus and other Greek heroes, and dive thousands of leagues into the deep with mad sea captains. Exciting music and sound accompany each gaming adventure, as well as lots of fun ways to win. Have a great adventure of your very own today with our free casino machines!