Go On Safari with an free African Slot Machine

African Slot Machine with Free Play

Go on a great safari without even leaving your home with our African slot machine online collection. It’s cost-free and registration-free to hop onboard a jeep and begin spinning the reels to see the sights. There is a wonderful assortment of animals throughout these games, like zebras, lions, crocodiles, gorillas, monkeys, ostriches, gazelles, elephants, cheetahs, and many, many more. Just make sure you’re ready to run if you stumble across a lion pride or an angry rhinoceros! Beautiful animation brings these animals to life with each winning combination. Reel art also includes the basic necessary gear for a safari: khakis and pith helmets, backpacks, tents, binoculars, cameras and film, journals, and even bug spray. If you are extra lucky, you may even see a diamond, one of the greatest riches of the continent. The games are set against backdrops showing the wide grasslands and scattered trees of the savannah, while reel frames and wild symbols are based on traditional African art, such as painted shields and ornate jewelry. Drumbeats and cheerful music play in the background. Some of our games even have animated hosts to guide you through play, such as a bumbling British explorer and a fun-loving prankster girl from the plains. Have a wild good time with our African-themed casino games!