Free Demo Animal Slot Machine with No Limits

Free Animal Slot Machines Online

If you love all things feathered and furred, take a look at our massive collection of animal slot machines online! Each game is completely free to play, and there’s a whole zoo’s worth of different animal themes to choose from. If wild animals are your favorite kind, try a machine featuring the savannahs and jungles of the world to see creatures such as the lion, tiger, monkey, hippopotamus, crocodile and hyena. You’ll also see a diverse population of birds, reptiles, and insects in these games. There are aquatic games as well, featuring many types of fish as well as sharks and dolphins. If pets are more in line with your tastes, there are plenty of games starring domesticated animals such as the cow, cat, dog, mouse, chicken or goldfish. Reel art on these machines features fish bowls, food dishes, catnip mice, and squeaky toys, along with the adorable pets who enjoy these items. There are also machines that focus entirely on one type of animal, such as horse-themed games that feature images from the equestrian arts and games showcasing the wild wolf with beautiful snow-topped mountains and full moons. If you’re a major animal lover, come win big and find your favorite of our wide variety of animal-themed games!