Chill Out with Arctic Slot Machine with Play-Money

Free Arctic Slot Machine Games Online

For the ultimate way to chill out, play one of our Arctic slot machine games for fun! There’s no fee and no download to play. Simply bundle up and hop on to your home computer to start right away. These games all feature backgrounds of intense snow and ice, with chiming music and the sound of wind and waves to accompany the chilly visuals. You’ll see many arctic animals in the reels, including polar bears, penguins, caribou, walruses, seals, puffins, and a wide range of fish and birds. You’ll also encounter the noble wolf and its domesticated cousin, the husky dog. There are even examples of animals who change their colors to white to protect themselves for the winter months, such as rabbits, weasels, and the Arctic fox. Our Arctic games include homages to the Inuit culture, or Eskimos as they’re often called. You’ll see men, women, and children wearing snug fur-lined clothes and hoods. Igloos, the famous short-term shelters made of bricks of snow, have their place on the reels as well, next to dog sleds and icebergs. Whether you like the North Pole or the South Pole best, discover the treasure of the Arctic regions of the earth while having fun gaming with our Arctic-themed machines!