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Travel all across the Eastern hemisphere with our collection of free-play Asian slot machines online with Pandas, the Great Wall, Ninjas, Samurais, Sakura, Rice Pots, Sushi etc! These games combine concepts and images associated with Asian fortune and beauty from many countries, such as China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and India. The reels are adorned with all kinds of beautiful artistic objects for which Asia is famous for making the best, such as pottery, boxes, jewelry, wall hangings, paper lanterns, and ornate fans. All kinds of people (and especially lovely women) inhabit the reels as well, all dressed in the traditional clothing of their country’s history, such as the kimono and the sari. You’ll also hear the music of each of these locations playing in the background for their respective games. Legendary animals appear from time to time for extra big wins, including the phoenix, the serpent-like Eastern dragon, and the golden tiger. Games based around one specific part of Asia feature symbols and traditions unique to that country, such as the Yin-Yang symbol for China, samurai warriors and women in Geisha makeup for Japan, and famous statuary and ritual costumes for Thailand. Take a tour of your favorite Asian country or travel all across the continent with our collection of gorgeous Asian-themed games!