Take a Chance on Auto Spin Slot Machine Games

Free Online Slot Machines with Auto Spin

Do you want to take a really wild chance with your casino gambling? Give our collection of auto spin slot machine games a try! They are all free to play with no download or signup, and there’s a great selection of different types and themes for you to choose from. Each game has an “auto spin” button somewhere at the bottom of the screen. Leave this button alone and you can play the game as normal, but once you click the button the game will continue to automatically make spins unless you click the button again to tell it to stop. Make sure you have your bet and line amount set up the way you like before you click “auto spin,” because once you do those numbers will remain constant. You can even leave the computer and the machine will keep on spinning! Since there is no real money involved, this is a great way to measure statistics for how much you can potentially win at a gambling machine in a set amount of time, without being glued to your screen. It’s also a fun way to play for those of you who don’t like having to press the “spin” button over and over, and who enjoy a little extra risk!