Free Bee Slot Machines are a Sweet Treat to Play

Play Free Bee Slot Machine Games

As busy bees make honey, you’ll practice making money with our free Bee Slot Machines online! There’s no cost, no risk, and no allergies to worry about with these games inspired by one of nature’s most industrious animals. Buzzing bees fly about in special animation as you spin reels filled with dripping honey pots, busy beehives, and cartoon faces of worker bees of course the lovely queen bee herself. King, queen, jack, and ten symbols act as a blockade for one cranky bee who buzzes around the reels as you play. Multicolored flowers fill in for the traditional fruit in these games, with different colors worth different amounts. You’ll also see human characters like a friendly postman, an elderly beekeeper, and a young girl with a honey flavored lollypop, all cooperating with bees to benefit from their sweet industry. A cheerful puppy also gives chase as you play. If you get lucky, you may even get to play a mini-game where choosing the right plant to water, jar to eat from, or grocery bag to empty gives you progressively bigger and bigger winnings. Before you try playing casino machines for real money, come let these helpful bees coach you in winning with our bee-themed games!