Play Free Bird and Plumage Slot Machines Online

Flock together to our Bird and Plumage slot machines casino game collection! All of these games feature birds and plumage, and are completely free to play with no registration. If you enjoy playing a certain popular game starring upset avians, you’ll like our “Happy Birds” title, where round-shaped bird characters spin with the reels in bright colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. There are also bird watching-themed games with real birds like toucans and parrots, but also a wild troop of birds from the artist’s imagination sporting more exotic colors and swirling tail feathers. A jolly fellow with binoculars peers at this splendid arrangement of creatures, and cage and egg art can also be found on the reels. While there are not many geese to be seen, all of these birds lay golden eggs as you can find plenty of bonus opportunities in these games. One example is a wild egg symbol, which results in a bigger win for your spin and also activates a short hatching animation where a baby bird emerges triumphantly from the shell. Other games feature a specific type of bird, such as the majestic eagle, funny and clever turkeys, and chickens – Chicken Little to be precise. Take a gamble with a feathered friend in these fun bird-based games!

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