Go Buggy with Bug Slot Machines Free Play Online

Play Bug Slot Machine Games with Beetles

If you pause to admire passing insects when you see them on the sidewalk, you’re sure to enjoy a round or two of bug slot machines free play! You can play these no-download insect-themed games right in your favorite browser. As the reels spin, lady bugs, caterpillars, snails, and a variety of other bugs crawl by, including many brightly colored beetles and the occasional gold bug. While bumble bugs buzz in and out of beehives, butterflies emerge from behind the ten, jack, queen, and king symbols to test their wings. Reel art also shows off brilliant hues of flowers, mushrooms, fruit, and other natural elements. You’ll hear the chirp and hum of crickets as you play, or some music inspired by “Beetle” mania. These crazy bugs also have great bonuses and extra wins to offer you. Spin a combo of bug collecting jars in one game for the biggest winnings. In another, a stately stag beetle acts as a wild symbol and holds in place for six additional spins. Spin more than one wild beetle and the points really start to add up! If you have a soft spot in your heart for our often misunderstood creepy crawly friends, you’ll love to play our bug-themed casino machines!