Enjoy Relaxing Butterfly Slot Machines for Free

Play Online Butterfly Slot Machines for Free

Celebrate one of nature’s most beautiful animals with our collection of butterfly slot machines for free! You don’t need to download software or go through registration to play these elegant games. Play your favorite choices directly in your preferred web browser on your home computer. Watch as caterpillars with adorable baby faces transform through the chrysalis into their glorious adult counterparts in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue. Some of these butterflies are almost human in appearance, giving them the look of fairy princesses from a storybook world. Other machines have the look and feel of traditional casino games, but here the butterfly is the wild symbol or wins you the highest possible score in a row combo. Gorgeous flowers like sunflowers, daisies, irises, and orchids also bloom in the reels to attract the games’ star insects, who blow gentle kisses with their wings as they float by. Funky colorful mushroom designs can be found too, along with the standard ten, jack, queen, and king symbols rendered in vine-like script. Mystical, ethereal musical scores accompany the gameplay. If you’re looking for a relaxing gaming experience with a lovely aesthetic, you have to try one of our butterfly machines!