Cartoon Slot Machine with Famous Cartoon Heroes

Play Cartoon Slot Machine Games just for Fun

Give the reels a spin with your favorite animated characters when you play a cartoon slot machine for free on our website! These licensed games don’t require any kind of download or registration to play on your home computer. You can play machines based on some of TV’s most famous families, like the highly dysfunctional Griffins of Family Guy or the bumbling but wise Simpson family. A South Park machine features a bonus game for each of the four main kids, but also has cameos by characters like Butters and Timmy. You’ll have better luck winning on this game than poor long-suffering Kenny, who gets squished by a gambling machine just as he hits the jackpot in the opening cinematic! On another machine, you can follow the continuing adventures of Aladdin as he searches the desert for treasure with the help of his trusty flying carpet and magic lamp. A Pink Panther game shows off each of the characters in the reel art, as well as cans of paint, bombs, magnifying glasses, and the Panther’s signature footprints. There’s also lots of bonus features with the show’s classic style of cartoon antics. These are just a few great titles to choose from to game with fun cartoon characters!