Free Celebrity Slot Machine Games Win Famously Here

Free Celebrity Slot Machine Games Online

Step inside the whirlwind lives of film and music stars with our celebrity slot machines online! These free-to-play machines don’t require any signup or downloads, so start playing on your home computer today! If you’re interested in famous rockers, try one of our music-inspired machines complete with guitars, drums, microphones, and hard rocker profiles in the reel art. A kicking rock and roll score in the background completes the experience. There are also movie-themed slots, where you can walk in the shoes of a modern celebrity or an old-time Hollywood star. Reels show megaphones, film, cameras, Walk of Fame style stars, and various awards. Another game takes place inside of a movie theater, with each symbol representing a different type of movie: the ten is inside a heart for romantic comedies, the jack is shaped like a spaceship, the queen is a set of creepy vampire teeth, and the king is a wacky cartoon character from an animated movie. The reels also show magazines and awards for the film’s leading ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a celebrity in the music or movie industry, take a step out onto the plaza of fame with our themed casino games!