Amazing Chinese Slot Machine Games Online

Free Chinese Slot Machine Games

Set sail for an adventure on China shores and play a Chinese slot machine free with no registration on our website! This beautiful collection of games showcases the art, animals, and traditions of the enormous Asian country. A machine based on the Ming dynasty era of China features the famous pottery from this time period as well as statuary, jewelry, and images of warriors and princesses. Take a stroll down the streets of Shanghai at Chinese New Year with games that have reel art of fireworks, coins, and the popular multi-person dragon costume. Another game takes place in a kitchen with all kinds of exotic dishes to prepare, and yet another is set in a bamboo thicket where you can spot tigers, cranes, and the wild panda. All games have soundtracks based on the traditional music of the country, so you will often here the five-note scale commonly associated with China. Intricate fans, paper lanterns, and traditional dress are also seen throughout all of the machines. If fortune favors you, you’ll also find all sorts of ways to win here with bonus reels and special mini-games. Take a journey to the East with our fantastic collection of China-themed casino games!