The Best of Two Worlds with Dice Slot Machines

Play Free Dice Slot Machine Games

Combine the thrill of dice gambling with the classic casino machine when you play our free dice slot machines! Like our regular machines, these are free to play with no registration, even though you have an increased chance to win! Games in this category include a traditional set of three reels with symbols like the seven, BAR, and royal imagery like crowns and imperial dragons, but there is also a dice mechanism. Get the right bonus symbol in one of your spins and you can roll the dice to add on to your original score. Don’t worry, these dice aren’t loaded – with programming based on the Monte Carlo method, they will behave the same way as a pair of real dice in a casino. Each different possible combination of dice results in a different bonus, which you can choose whether to take advantage of or leave behind. Bonuses include score multipliers, extra spins, and straight-up additional points. All of this is in addition to the regular bonus winnings you can get with the symbols on the reels themselves. With these hot dice-themed games, you can enjoy two kinds of great gambling at once while taking in big wins from two directions!