Free Egyptian slot machine games are historic fun

Play Gorgeous Free Egyptian Slot Games

Experience the beautiful aesthetic and the wondrous mystery of ancient Egypt with our Egyptian themed slot machines. All of them are absolutely free to play and don’t require any kind of registration or download. You’ll see many of the famous landmarks that still remain standing in Egypt today, such as stone carvings, the sphinx, of course the great pyramids. Hieroglyphics, elaborate eyes of Ra, the sacred scarab beetle, and the famous ankh symbol spin by on the reels as you play. There are artifacts like pottery and gold, and even an eerie mummy or two. The games also feature many of the gods and heroes from ancient Egyptian mythology, such as Cleopatra, Amon-Ra, the sun god, Anubis, the god of mummification, Osiris, the god of the dead, and the lovely Isis, goddess of nature and magic and wife of Osiris. Visual and audio affects like a desert moonrise and the creaking of old stone add another level of submersion to playing the games. Our Egyptian machines have a great variety of bonus features such as wild symbols, scatter points, and more. Take a step back in time as you view the artistic styles of this historic location, while enjoying the fun of the gambling experience!