Learn and Play with Free History Slot Machines

History Slot Machine Gambling Games for Free

Take a lesson in world history and have a fun gambling experience at the same time! Our collection of history slot machines online are completely free to play on your computer with no registration or downloads of any kind. Travel back in time thousands of years B.C. to see the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East, or to meet the fearsome Vikings. Each machine shows off the art, music, and mythology of the cultures it represents. Travel farther into the future and play games inspired by the ancient Roman Empire. If you’re interested in famous battles and warriors, there are games featuring aggressive leaders like Attila the Hun and Napoleon, along with the locations of each victory and defeat. Join the European explorers as they head across the ocean for the New World, or team up with a new kind of explorer in Wild West games that star pioneers, cowboys, prospectors, and bandits. Learn about kings and queens with games that feature such famous rulers as Cleopatra of Egypt and Tsar Nicholas II of Imperial Russia. Peer into the more recent past with games focused on the two World Wars. There is a niche game for every kind of history buff in our massive collection of casino machines!