Beautiful Insect Slot Machine Games for Free

Play Free Insect Slot Machine Games Online

If you’re inclined towards feelings of fondness for the creepy crawly aspects of nature, you’ll love to play our Insect slot machine games for free! These no-download games starring bugs can be played directly on your home computer whenever you like. Watch the reels spin and you’ll see insects like the caterpillar, praying mantis, firefly, ant, mosquito, butterfly, cricket, and scarab beetle. The games are rendered in beautiful, detailed artwork, and are framed by grassy locations or the branches of trees. The reel art also shows off brilliantly colored plant life such as flowers, fruit, and mushrooms. Happy upbeat music is accompanied by the chirp, hum, buzz, and whine of the games’ insect stars. There are plenty of wild symbols, scatters, and bonuses to keep the gameplay lively. For example, these insects aren’t appreciated just for their beauty and work ethic – in one game, a bug-loving chameleon and a sinister looking Venus flytrap are out to catch some tasty critters. Get the right combination of these predator symbols to score a huge win! Insects are often unappreciated, but play vital roles to life as we know it here on Earth. Show them some love with our lovely collection of insect-themed games!