Glittering Jewels and Gems Slot Machines For Free

Play Free Jewels and Gems Slot Machines Online

Gold, silver, and cold hard cash are all very well, but who can deny the appeal of jewels and gemstones? Feast your eyes on the glamour of this treasure with a free jewels and gems slot machine game! The state of the art graphics in these games really make the precious stones sparkle and shine. You feel you could almost reach out and touch them! From the wealth of Asia to the riches of the jungle to the mines of Africa, each of these machines displays a dazzling collection fit for a princess. Types of gems include crystal, emerald, peridot, ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, pearl, amethyst, and of course the beautiful diamond. The stones within the reels are cut into a variety of shapes such as circle, square, heart, and teardrop, and some are even set into jewelry like a necklace, ring, brooch, or crown. The occasional ornate jewel box is displayed as a place to store these shining gems. As would be expected, the winnings on these machines are as big as the wealth featured in their graphics, and in general the more valuable the stone in the symbol, the higher the value from a combination. Wilds and scatters are also included to heighten the excitement!