Crown Yourself Ruler of Free King Slot Machines

Play King Slot Machine Games Online Free

You’ll feel like royalty when you seek your fortune playing free king slot machine games! You don’t need to pay any cash to begin gaming right on your home computer. In these whimsical machines set in castles and royal courts, the king is the most important symbol – get three kings in a row for the biggest winnings! Other images include thrones, crowns, swords and shields, scepters, signet rings, banners and standards, and the faces of other members of court like the queen, the king’s knights, and the court jester. Some of the medieval-style king machines have a fairytale twist, such as a game based on the story of the Frog King which includes art of the princess and her fateful golden ball. Others are based on the legends of King Arthur and include his sword Excalibur and equalizing Round Table, as well as other characters like Lancelot, Guinevere, and the wizard Merlin. Still other games star historical kings such as the pharaohs of Egypt, the rulers of the Aztecs, and the once and future king of Africa, the lion. While playing these games, it’s probably King Midas you’ll identify with most. In his story, everything he touched turned into golden treasure!