Mafia Slot Machine Games are Criminally Fun to Play

Play Free Mafia Slot Machine Games Online

Keep the gambling in the “family” with mafia slot machine free play online! There’s no cost or risk for you to become a godfather for a day in these games featuring gangsters and mafia crime. Well cut three piece suits, fedoras, and spats are the uniform here in machines that speak back to the film noir era with vintage automobiles and old fashioned telephones. Pistols, machines guns, and brass knuckles are just some of the weapons of choice for the mafia members as they fight in gang wars and set up their protection rackets. Fine wine, classy cigars and delicious Italian food are also on the menu, as are briefcases filled with millions in bills – your “piece of the pie,” as one mafia leader says. Get in too deep and you may even come face to face with the Cosa Nostra, the infamous Sicilian mafia. The reels are covered in the faces of tough guys, gorgeous gun molls, and police officers trying to keep the peace and bring the gangs down. The only question remains…whose side are you on? There’s only one way to find out. Try out the criminal excitement of scoring big wins in our mafia-themed casino machine games!