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Two of the greatest Vegas pastimes combine in our entertaining group of magic slot machine games! There’s no cost and no signup needed to take part in an excellent bit of stage magic right on your own computer. Some of our games feature magicians of the legendary and storybook nature, like a wizard or witch who casts spells to change other characters into frogs or to enchant certain objects. Other games are host to the wizards of the modern stage, dapper fellows in coats and tails with matching bow ties and cummerbunds, who are ready to dazzle you with the help of their lovely assistants. The reel art, framed by the scarlet curtains of the stage, includes images of card tricks, top hats, magic wands, white doves, golden coins, goblins, fairies, unicorns, elves, gnomes and crystal balls. With each win you make, the hosts add to the magic show by performing illusions for you. They may pull a rabbit out of a hat, produce a bouquet of roses from nowhere and then cause it to vanish in a fireball, or levitate. Bonus rounds allow you to take part in the fun by contributing to a trick yourself, with the chance for lots of extra points if you do it correctly!