Journey Far in Middle East Slot Machines for Free

Play Middle East Slot Machines for Free

Travel to the exotic lands of Egypt, Turkey, and Arabia in fact and fiction with free Middle East Slot machine games! Each machine can be played at no cost right in your favorite web browser. Gaze across the desert dunes to a caravan of camels and tents, where a fortune in gold and jewels could be awaiting you. You’ll see the kilts, elaborate collars, cotton shifts, and beautiful ochre eye makeup of ancient Egyptian fashion, as well as the fez, turban, pointed shoes, and harem pants of the Arabic tradition. The great pyramids, glorious temples, and archways covered in frescoes and tiled mosaics are just some of the architectural wonders you can discover in the reels. Some of the games in this collection tell a story, such as hieroglyphics related to the Book of the Dead and characters and symbols that represent the Arabian Nights tales. Win the heart of the daughter of the sultan with Aladdin, or find a way to trick the wicked forty thieves’ gang at Ali Baba’s side. Just like in the stories and legends, there’s ample wealth to be found here with clever mini-games and bonus features. Turn your computer into a magic carpet with these imaginative Middle East-themed casino machines!