Hang Loose with Chimps in a Monkey Slot Machine

Play Monkey Slot Machine Games Free Online

If you can’t get enough of our adorable primate cousins, you’ll love to play a free monkey slot machine online from our website’s collection! These funky monkey machines can be played in your web browser with no deposit or signup. A fun-loving group of crazy chimps spices up traditional fruit machines as they weave in and out of reels containing sweet treats like pineapples, plums, cherries, watermelon, and coconuts. In one game a little girl tries to win the friendship of a monkey through gifts, with a banana of course being the most successful! Other wild animals like snakes, moths, and lions are ready to put aside their differences and join in the mad monkey party. Many games have a jungle atmosphere with palm trees, tiki masks, and drums. Others star monkey characters with very specific hobbies, such as a machine featuring chimps and baboons enjoying a game of gulf, and another machine where you can be king of the road amidst a rowdy group of monkeys on motorcycles! These games include many delightful twists and turns to get you additional winnings. For example, on one machine a monkey at the bottom of the screen catches coconuts every time you spin one. Spin three to play a special tree-climbing mini-game and win big points!