Pass Go and Win Big on a Monopoly Slot Machine

Play Monopoly Slot Machine Games for Free

If you love to play the board game that turns you into a property tycoon, make sure to try out a free Monopoly slot machine game from our online collection! These fun casino machines are made in the spirit and tradition of the board game, and require absolutely no fee or deposit to play. Against game board-style and cityscape backdrops, you’ll see all the familiar visuals that have made Monopoly so enduring. Playing pieces like the wheelbarrow, racecar, battleship, old-style shoe, thimble, and Scottie dog spin by as symbols within the reels. The card icons for electric, waterworks, and railways offer special features and amenity-related wins if you spin the correct combinations. You’ll even see symbols featuring the red and green house and hotel tokens, and the multicolored pastel paper money used in the original game. Through it all the mustachioed Monopoly mascot guides you through with a wave of his dapper top hat, either from within the reels or as CGI on the sidelines. Even on these gambling machines you’ll need to apply strategy to get the most coins, just as you would in the board game. Keep an eye out for bonus opportunities like the “Pass Go” score multiplier feature and you’ll go far!