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What’s even more fun than playing a free online casino game? Playing with a group of friends! Our multiplayer slot machine games category provides you with the rare chance to spin the reels online not alone, but alongside other players like you. Although you can create a username others will recognize you by, there’s still no need to complete a lengthy registration process or download additional software to your computer. You also still have your pick of an elite gambling machine lineup with the best games you can find on or off the internet. Play alongside up to six additional friends or strangers, and compare payouts to see who can get the highest score. Multiplayer machines can even increase your chances for a truly big win. Just like in a Vegas casino, our games include progressive jackpots that are connected to each person playing. Since a progressive jackpot increases with every single spin, and up to seven people can be spinning on a multiplayer machine, the total jackpot amount can become astronomical! If single-player casino machines just aren’t posing enough of a challenge for you, come on over to the multiplayer category and try your luck against a group of opponents!