Gamble the Warrior’s Way with Ninja Slot Machines

Play Ninja Slot Machine Games for Free

Journey back to the days of the legendary shadow warriors of Japan with our free ninja slot machines! No download or signup is required to play games featuring these silent, stealthy figures inspired by history and now beloved in pop culture across the globe. When you play our ninja-themed machines, you’ll see beautiful artwork inspired by the ninja era of Japan and hear music and sounds imitating the shamisen, a traditional stringed instrument. On the reels you’ll see weapons such as shuriken (or throwing stars) and the katana and wakizashi swords often associated with samurai as well as ninjas. The backgrounds behind the reels keep a low lighting to match the preferred operating conditions of the shadow warriors. You’ll see buildings in the old fashioned Japanese style, and paper walls with silhouettes of the mysterious warriors creeping behind them. Good spins and wins are rewarded with animated ninjas who perform martial arts moves before vanishing back into the shadows. The games also have a great array of ninja-themed bonus rounds, such as a game where picking the right scrolls can win you line multipliers, additional spins, and more. The casino game scene is now a part of the true spirit of the ninja phenomenon with our attractive and entertaining ninja-themed machines!