Play Free Online Nudge and Hold Slot Machine Games

Free Nudge and Hold Slot Machine Games

Have you ever wanted to play a gambling game that required skill as well as luck to win? Now you can with our free online nudge and hold slot machine games! Our games in this category come in various themes and styles, but they all have the classic nudge and hold features you’ll find on physical machines in bars and restaurants across the world. What makes them so much fun to play is that they require you to have good timing and strong decision-making skills, so you are not relying solely on Lady Luck to win but on yourself as well! With these features, you can “nudge” a reel of your choice for a better combination of symbols than what the spin gave you, or you can “hold” one or more reels still during your next spin for a better chance at a winning combo. Nudges and holds usually come as a reward for a win, but on some of our machines you can use them upfront! For example, one of our games has five sets of reels; on the first spin only one set spins, but then you can choose to hold the entire left, center, or middle column. Then on the second spin all five sets of reels (except for those in the held column) will spin, offering you a chance at major winnings. Many of our nudge and hold machines also have progressive jackpots for an even greater chance to win big!