Play Beautiful Entrancing Phoenix Slot Machines

Play Free Phoenix Slot Machines Online

In classical mythology, the phoenix is a bird that attains immortality by rising from the ashes of its own funeral pyre as a newborn fledgling. With our free phoenix slot machines, you can see the legend unfold for yourself and be a part of the good fortune of this mythical bird. Our phoenix-themed games are set in gorgeous locales with the look and feel of ancient temples. Some are inspired by historical Asian architecture, while others have a South American feel; the phoenix story has been told in many different parts of the world. Warm hues like red, orange, and yellow are used in the color schemes to imitate the fire from which the phoenix is reborn. Chiming, haunting background sounds imitate phoenix song, which is said in the stories to have magical powers. Amidst the mysterious ancient symbols on the reels, the blazing phoenix symbol appears as a wild card to take you to bonus levels and increase your winnings. The games have all the excitement of a high quality casino game, but also have a dreamlike, ethereal quality granted by their mythic roots. You don’t need to register to play our games based on the beautiful phoenix legend, so open your browser and try one out today!