Climb Aboard for Pirate Slot Machine Free Games

Play Pirate Slot Machines Online Free

Search for gold alongside the most famous treasure hunters of all time with our pirate slot machine free games! These popular stars of pop culture have now made their way into the casino gaming scene, where a place of honor has been waiting for them. There’s no hitch or signup needed to play, so climb aboard at your leisure. Our pirate games feature great immersive atmosphere. Exciting and spooky locations include a shadowy cave, a fine pirate ship adrift on the midnight high seas, and even a giant map. The reels are adorned with a collection of characters decked out in their pirate gear and showing a ton of personality. There are also compasses, swords, Jolly Roger flags, skulls and crossbones, telescopes, bottles of rum, gold pieces, monkeys, parrots, and the occasional ghost. As you play you’ll hear the creaking of timbers, the wailing of the wind, and the ebb and tide of the ocean. One game even plays a different traditional sea chantey with each spin of the reels! Scatter and wild symbols give you extra chances to get lucky. Look out for that galleon with the black torn sails – it might be the home of the dreaded ghost pirate, or it might be a chance for bonus games and bigger winnings!