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Dive into the mystery of ancient structures around the world when you play pyramid slot machine games for free! No physical travel or signup is required as you can play these games from your home computer. You’ll see the world’s most famous pyramids, the triangular Great Pyramids of Egypt, but also the squared Mesoamerican pyramids of the Aztec and Maya cultures. Our Egyptian themed games take you back to the era of royalty like Tutankhamen and Cleopatra with their desert landscapes, mystical sound effects, and imagery of gods half human and half animal like cat goddess Bastet and crocodile god Sobek. The Mesoamerican games feature the landmarks of their own location with lush jungle foliage, stone statues and carved faces, burning torches, and renderings of their own gods such as the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. While the Egyptian games feature local animals such as camels, scorpions, and dung beetles, the Mesoamerican games show wildlife like brightly colored parrots and the predatory jaguar. Of course the helpful domesticated llama also makes an appearance! While they vary by the region they’re based on, all of our pyramid-themed games have an ancient look and feel for an experience that will make you feel like an adventurous explorer as you try your luck and take in your winnings!