Free Scatter Symbol Slot Machines for Big Wins

Win Big with Scatter Symbol Slot Machines

Want to play a casino game with loads of opportunities for big wins? Try our free online scatter slot machine games! If you’re familiar with gambling machines, you probably know that the most common way to earn winnings is to match several of the same symbol across a column, row, or diagonal line. Games with scatter symbols offer an alternative way to score, and it often triggers a chain reaction so that the initial win builds up to even more scores. A scatter symbol’s value depends on how many times it shows up anywhere within the reels, and for each occurrence, you receive a different reward. These rewards include free spins, free credits, line score multipliers, and sometimes a mini-game with entirely new and unique graphics and sound. The more times the scatter symbol appears on your screen, the better the reward and the greater the potential winnings. The scatter symbol is usually a fun, striking image tied in with the theme of the game, so it is easy to spot and keep track of it. We have a huge collection of games with scatter features over a wide range of themes, so whatever your preference you’re sure to find a game you enjoy!