Get Extra Lucky with Second Chance Slot Machines

Play Free Second Chance Slot Machine Games

Are you looking for more out of your gambling machine experience? Try out our excellent collection of free second chance slot machine games! We have an absolutely huge variety of game types and themes to choose from in this category, but all are free to play with no downloads and no signup. These types of machines all have a “second chance” at winning beyond the traditional reel spins. You can unlock these additional chances by getting the correct number of “Wild” or “Scatter” symbols in a single spin. There are many types of second chances. One is a prize wheel which spins to give you a randomized increase in winnings, or even an instant jackpot. Another is an additional spin or spins of the reels or of a separate set of bonus reels that only appear at certain times. The most entertaining of these second chance bonuses are special games that you can only play by getting the correct combination of symbols. These include matching games, pick-an-item games, and even gameplay based on the machine’s theme, like roulette for a Vegas machine or shuffleboard for a cruise-themed game. Try out our amazing range of second chance games and find your favorite today!