Reach for the Stars with Free Space Slot Machines

Play Free Thrilling Space Slot Machine Games

Take an exciting journey into the stars with our free space slot machines! Each machine is unique and requires no registration to begin playing. The games showcase many alien characters, from the typical “little green men” to more outlandish creatures of various colors and shapes. Some aliens are cute and friendly, popping up as you spin the reels to offer encouragement in the bleeps and bloops of their native tongue. But be careful – others are invaders intent on tacking over planet earth! In the reels you’ll see a variety of lovely artwork of planets and stars, some from our own solar system, others mysterious and distant. With the invasion theme comes additional imagery of flying saucers, crop circles, references to Area 51, and shocking newspaper headlines. These space-themed games really catch you up in the action as you try to prevent takeover of your planet by hostile forces. Some even include mini-movies at the beginning to introduce the game’s characters and outline the wars between the heroes and their high-tech adversaries. Other games in our space line keep it simple, such as a classic machine with visuals inspired by the famous “Space Invaders” arcade game. Blast off on your home computer today!