Play Thrilling Spy Slot Machines for Free Online

Play Spy Slot Machines for Free

If you’re fond of a certain famous English spy with the number “7” in his code name, chances are you’ll enjoy our free-play spy slot machines online. There’s no registration process required to play – so your real name is safe as you join super spies in uncovering enemy plots and stashes of secret weapons. The games star well-dressed male and female protagonists, and also feature classically dramatic villains wielding shark tanks and stroking red-eyed cats. There’s plenty of secret agent gear to be found on the reels, like high-tech laptops, briefcases, cameras, and cars. You’ll also see the guns, grenades, and bombs that are the tools of the hitman trade. Intense musical scores accompany gameplay, with muted trumpet riffs when a big win is accomplished. Like their spy stars, these games have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, including a great range of bonus rounds and plot elements to hook you. One game has different missions, such as putting together the correct symbols to create a bomb, for each round of spins. Of course it’s not all work and no play for our heroes – they also take the opportunity to knock back a martini with attractive companions when they get the chance.