The Classic Straight Slot Machines Experience

Play Classic Straight Slot Machines Free Online

Sure, there’s a lot of fancy new technology in the web-based gambling world in this day and age, but sometimes you long for the simple times of the original one line machine. When the mood to play a classic machine strikes you, look no further than our straight online slot games. Our promise in this category is to keep it simple: three spin reels, not a lot of bells and whistles, but still completely free to play with no signup required. On our straight machines, you’ll see the reel symbols you’re familiar with from mom-and-pop American bars and restaurants, like bells, fruit, sevens, diamonds, and the BAR image. The rules are familiar too – either make a match across the single middle line, or get the same symbol all across the stripes of a row, column, or diagonal line. Get the same symbol all across the game on all three reels for a major jackpot! These machines are easy to learn to play and a great choice for beginning gamers. With the metal machine look and classic sound effects on the games on our straight line, you’ll feel as if you’re down at the bar playing a real-time machine. No quarters are necessary here, though!