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Looking for a way to take a quick respite from the daily grind? Try our turbo game play slot machines! They’re completely free to play from your web browser of choice. If you’ve played casino games online before, we can guarantee you these are the fastest machines you’ll see! Each game in this category has a clearly marked button you can click to enter turbo mode. You can choose to stay at regular speed if you want to play the classic way, but once you turn on the turbo feature the game will go by super fast! With a set amount of spins to make, you can play a full game in just a few minutes…or maybe a little longer if you win consistently! Some of our games also have a turbo gamble feature. When you score on a spin, you can engage this feature to start a double-or-nothing gamble for the winnings you’ve made so far. This is a great way to win big, but it can also drain your previous winnings. Choose carefully! Whenever you’re having a stressful day, stop by our site for a risk-free quick game of chance to take a break and have some fun!