Read the Stars with Zodiac Slot Machine Games

Free Zodiac Slot Machine Games

In ancient times, cultures around the world devised systems whereby the month you were born into determined aspects of your personality and how lucky you would be in life. Learn about these systems for predicting your fortune while having a fun time gambling with our zodiac slot machine games online! Some games are based on the Eastern zodiac most commonly associated with China, where the symbols are animals such as the rabbit, adder, tiger, rat, and dragon. Other games are inspired by the Western zodiac, based on star formations by the ancient Greeks. Reel art includes the images associated with each and every sign, such as a ram for Aries, a set of scales for Libra, a lion for Leo, and a beautiful maiden for Virgo. An image of all twelve symbols in a ring acts as the Wild symbol and unlocks the best wins. There is also art of the constellations the zodiac is based on, with planets and supernova looming in the background as the ethereal music of the spheres plays. Whether you read your horoscope faithfully or you’re a sceptic who makes your own destiny, our zodiac-themed casino games will bring you the good fortune of a fun online gaming experience!