Fight the Undead with Zombie Slot Machine Games

Play Free Zombie Slot Machines Online

What is it about zombies that endears them to us, so much so that they’ve taken films and TV by storm? Whatever it is, you can’t deny its appeal when you play our zombie slot machine games. Put away your wallet and fire up your chainsaw, because these games are free to play and require no signup or downloads. In these reels, it’s humans versus the walking dead with imagery of terrified but hardy folks wielding lead pipes, clubs, axes, and of course the traditional chainsaw. There’s also an evil yet charming cast of zombie characters, including nurses and even doe-eyed baby zombies. Other elements of this horror genre work their way in to the reels as well, such as eyeballs, biohazard containers and signage, gas masks, and a zombie’s favorite food, brains. The backgrounds of the games include a deserted shopping mall, a classic location for a zombie infestation and a last desperate attempt at survival. You’ll hear ominous music and the groans of the undead as you fight to stay alive – or at least win some zombie money. Get into the zone of apocalyptic fun and experience the pop culture phenomenon with our line of zombie-themed casino games!