Play Free Dinosaur Slot Machines Online

Take a wild ride back in time and play our free online dinosaur slot machine games! There’s absolutely no fees or registration required to travel back to the Dawn of the Dinosaurs and play these casino games featuring the thunder lizards of days long past. Spin the reels in the ancient jungles alongside such majestic creatures as the stegosaurus, triceratops, velociraptor, and the tyrant king tyrannosaurus rex. In a game called “Dino Rhino,” you’ll also see fossils of fish, dinosaur footprints, and babies hatching their way out of eggs. The ten, jack, queen, and king symbols sport dino-inspired prints, spots, and stripes that take a guess at what these animals may have looked like. There are games with a Jurassic Park theme, with visuals and sound based on the blockbuster movie from the 90’s. One game even features a family movie-style story of a young boy and his dinosaur buddy. Set in the modern day, “Jack’s T-Rex” follows the adventures of the protagonist Jack as he tries to train his pal and keep the dino out of the clutches of the government base where he was created. If you’ve long had a fascination with these incredible animals of the Earth’s earlier ages, our dinosaur machines will be a treat for your senses!